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Ferrier Air Cargo AG

Fracht West
CH-8058 Zurich-Airport / Switzerland
Tel.: +41-43-816 36 26
Fax: +41-43-816 35 99

Contact us anytime: info@ferrier.ch

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News & Infos

New development in X-Ray Screening / ETD Sniffing

Liquids, powders or paper and other dense articles can prevent to view the contents properly during X-Ray.

According to the National Security Plan (NASP) the screener then has to follows these steps:

1. turn shipment and screen shipment a second time.

2. If this is not successful and the shipment consists of several pieces (even if it is a shrunken pallet which counts as one unit), so it has to be broken down to the smallest possible unit and all these pieces have to be x-rayed again.

3. Open the shipment and "sniff" the piece(s) outside, inside and the contents.

We strongly recommend delivering shipments, which might cause all the necessary steps above, already on a single basis in order to avoid the extra cost of CHF 75.00 per half hour in excess to the normal X-Ray fees and the time loss involved.

Please feel free to ask us any question you might have. Thank you.